West Texas Khaki (pilot)

Beyond the bridge lies the unknown…

The shaggy Bigfoot of the Pecos, the Pecos Monster, is spotted by two boys leading to all out mayhem in a small Texas town. Police Chief Cole Sagger (Norbert Osborn) is confronted with a nutty Sasquatch hunter and an over zealous newspaper owner that spur on rumors of the beast, sending an entire town of armed men into the back woods in search of Bigfoot.

This pilot was shot in Denton County, Texas, primarily near Lake Lewisville. The central location of the program was Old Alton Bridge, a national historic site. Old Alton Bridge was the first bridge constructed in Denton County and ironically has its own monster story. It's said a Goatman lives under the old trestle structure and is often referred to as Goatman’s Bridge. Other locations were the offices of the Sun Newspapers, the Lake Cities VFW, and Canyon Lake Ranch which has also served as a location for the series Walker Texas Ranger.


Producer: James A.  Willis
Co-Producers: C.J. Neihoff, James B. Brandt
Concept By: James A. Willis, James B. Brandt
Director: C.J. Neihoff
Teleplay: James A. Willis
Director of Photography: Dave Tally
Production Manager/Assistant Director: David Austin
Starring: Norbert Osborn, Joette Rhodes, Milton Killen Jr.,
W. Earl Goodrick
Guest Starring: Patrick Platner, Paul A. Cox, Gary Head
Filmed on location in Lake Dallas, Texas and Denton, Texas
Premiered at the Lakewood theatre in Dallas, Texas (1998)