No one ever said life was fair but then... neither is death.

The reclusive Andrew Frazier (Tim Cobb) moves to a small Texas town to escape his past.  After purchasing an oldmansion and falling in love with Melanie Parker (Lisa Watts) his plan of establishing a new life for himself seems to be succeeding. However, he soon finds that even love cannot cure his strange affliction—vampirism.  His dreaded lust for blood leads him and all those who come into contact with him to ultimate disaster.

Scorpio International Presents Horizon Productions The Dreaded
90 minutes

Filmed on location in Corsicana, Texas
Producer: James A. Willis
Director: Chris Robinson
Screenplay: Chris Robinson, David Blessing, James Willis
Starring: Tim Cobb, Lisa Watts, Todd Jones
Director of Photography: Lloyd Huffman
Original Music: Paul Pecot
Art Directors: David Huffman, David Wilson
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The Dreaded
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Mark (Todd Jones), becomes obsessed with the subject of Vampirism. .
Frazier (Tim Cobb) focuses on destroying the only person that jepordizes his future existance..